From the President

Welcome to the Bantal Pulaar Community Organisation Inc. (BPCGP) website. The Executive and its members are pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website and trust that you will find the experience rewarding. I am convinced that we—Bantal Pulaar—cannot achieve our mission without our collective and conscious work towards diversity, equity and inclusion.

The website provides an overview of the focus and general direction of BGPA and the operational principles which guide its affairs. It also provides an insight on how the Community is created and provides opportunities for people to apply for membership, chat with other members and upload their views,
concerns for the attention of the Executive. We value diversity. Let me explain how diversity, equity and inclusion benefit our community and make it stronger:  The greatest source of happiness in life is human relationships and connection. Inclusion means belonging to a community environment in which people are welcomed and accepted and are treated equal. 

Diversity is the sum of the ways that people are both different and similar. Diversity has many dimensions that intersect in a wide variety of ways; these dimensions include race, ethnicity, gender, language, culture,
religion, mental and physical ability, class, immigration status, and others. 

Equity entails an intentional focus to reduce disparities in opportunities, experiences and outcomes for all
members of the campus community. Equity is expressed in a commitment to address historical and current
manifestations of social bias and exclusion, including the ways in which social arrangements disadvantage
some groups and legitimate others. 

Inclusion means belonging to a community environment in which people are welcomed. Community
members come together in friendly, caring, and authentic ways, and have opportunities to participate in
community life and its ongoing evolution. Now let me explain how we as individuals can make this community better:

Personal character: It’s about each of us as individual people; our moral qualities and how we behave.

Social justice: the fairness of the organisational structures and social arrangements that we create.
When we talk about diversity, we are talking about ourselves. And so it is useful to state from the outset
that we all bring our positions and viewpoints and life experiences to this community. I am grateful to all of you, known or unknown to me, who in your own courageous, creative and compassionate ways are acting and speaking out on behalf of diversity, equity and inclusion in our

We are confident that with the continued support of our partners and growing membership we will achieve our goals outlined in our mission statements.

The President

Ammar Dean Diallo