Who we are

In 2002 Bantal Pulaar was formed in Sydney by fullah migrants from various parts of west Africa.

How Bantal came to being

It was December 2002 at Brother Sarjoh Bah’s premises in Auburn the first meeting was held among some of the first Fullah immigrants in Australia to discuss the idea of forming a fullah support group due to the continues increase of Fulbe in Sydney.

The idea came from Sarjoh Bah who happened to be affiliated with a fullah group called “Kawtal Janggobe Pulaar Fulfulde” based in Cairo, Egypt. He pointed out that the things he experienced in Egypt resonated in him where ever he goes noting that Fullahs are known to preserve their culture and maintain unity where ever they are. In the meeting members discussed the importance of “Jokere Endhan” which means seeking each other’s interest as a bed rock of community relations for all fullahs no matter where you from.

In the meeting series of names were suggested, however members came to the conclusion to adopt the name “BANTAL” meaning PROGRESS suggested by Gibril Bass which encapsulate the aim of the group to preserve the Fullah language and working jointly with the Australian government to promote multiculturalism.

Members present were tasked to reach out to other Fullah members in the community to encourage them to be part of the group. At the end of the deliberations an interim committee was formed to spear head the group until an election is held.

Sarjoh Bah was appointed as the Interim President, while Abdul Rahman Jalloh as Secretary General. A constitutional task force was also formed for the drafting of a constitution.

These are the first pioneers of the formation of Bantal Pulaar

  • Alpha Pymbol Diallo from Guinea Conakry
  • Abdulrahman Jalloh from Sierra Leone
  • Gibril Bass from Senegal
  • Mohamed Barrie from Sierra Leone
  • Sarjoh Bah from Sierra Leone
  • Suleiman Jah from Senegal

On the 29h of December 2002, a general meeting was held at Sister’s Ejatu’s place in Auburn comprising both old and new members where the constitution was presented and adopted and also an election was held.

Patteh Jalloh was elected as the first President of Bantal, Sarjoh Bah Vice President for a period of three years enshrined in the constitutions.

Abdulrahman Jalloh (Secretary General) Mohamed Barrie (Treasurer) Ejatu Jalloh (Public Relations and organising Secretary) Sulaimon Jah (Assistance PRO) and Alpha Pymbol as (Financial Secretary).