Welcome to the Bantal Pulaar Community Organisation Inc. (BPCGP) website. The Executive and its members are pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website and trust that you will find the experience rewarding.

The website provides an overview of the focus and general direction of BGPA and the operational principles which guide its affairs. It also provides an insight on how the Community is created and provides opportunities for person to apply for membership, chats with other members and upload your views, concerns for the attention of the Executive.

We invite you to navigate the website and welcome any comments that you may have regarding how best we can meet your needs and interests. We are particularly interested in receiving comments from our members and various community organisations.

The Executive believes that the effectiveness of BANTAL PULAAR within New South Wales (NSW) is dependent on the efforts of community members charged with this responsibility. These persons, no doubt covers a broad spectrum from Community mobilisation, Strategic Planning, book keeping, governance. The diligent effectiveness of each task by personnel within the community structure is critical to the overall success of the Bantal Pulaar Community.

Our website also provides link with other various Fullah community websites and social network sites within Australia and the world over. We welcome the contribution and support of anyone who has the capacity, talent and experience to help us develop our community.

I am pleased to be part of an organisation which is committed to the improvement of its members in Australia. Please do not hesitate to contact us by the various links available in the website should you need more information about Bantal Pulaar.

We are confident that with the continued support of our partners and growing membership. We will achieve our goals outlined in our mission statements.

Ammar Diallo